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Baby Gift from Bundled - Reasons why it's better than Target

From the time you hit the automatic doors, the aromas of Starbucks and popcorn swirl around your senses like a sonata. You’re already hooked. There’s no escaping, they’ve captured you. 

As you fumble around the perfectly placed sale bins, you already begin to forget why you came, what you needed and how much damage is about to ensue. 

Sound familiar? Target has not only become a mothership for convenience shopping, but has also managed to brainwash all of us into believing they have the answer to all our needs, personal, gifting or otherwise. 

Six Reasons to Shop Small | Bundled

Six Reasons to Shop Small | Bundled

The phrase “shop small” is just about as buzzworthy as eating organic. The concept has been embraced, re-invented, and even given its own day - but it’s likely that few understand the huge impact their daily shopping decisions have on their overall quality of life. Surely it can’t make THAT big of a difference. Right? Wrong! Here are 6 reasons you should shop local:
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