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Baby Gift from Bundled - Reasons why it's better than Target

Baby Gift from Bundled - Reasons why it's better than Target
Baby Gift from Bundled - Reasons why it's better than Target

From the time you hit the automatic doors, the aromas of Starbucks and popcorn swirl around your senses like a sonata. You’re already hooked. There’s no escaping, they’ve captured you. 

As you fumble around the perfectly placed sale bins, you already begin to forget why you came, what you needed and how much damage is about to ensue. 

Sound familiar? Target has not only become a mothership for convenience shopping, but has also managed to brainwash all of us into believing they have the answer to all our needs, personal, gifting or otherwise. 

Now, we’re not here to tell you their baby registry services haven’t helped many distressed mommies and daddies-to- be remove an element of preparation off their plate - shower planning. We’re here to merely nudge you and say “hey, there’s a whole world outside the confines of the Target baby aisle”. 

Scenario #1: Co-worker is having a second baby without having a formal shower

Target: Grab a plastic package of onesies, a pack of diapers and give the best of luck...I mean well wishes to the glowing mommy basking in the early days of INFANTry lol. 

Bundled: Welcome the little ball of joy with a personalized, thoughtful and lovingly curated gift. A gift that says more than “Target made this easy”.

Scenario #2: You’re second cousin (twice removed) on your fathers ex-third wife’s side is having a baby. Spend an awkward Sunday afternoon with strangers? 

Target: What am I going to throw into a USPS box and fake a solid illness the evening before the shower? Is she having a boy? A girl? Can I send baby food through the mail? Does Target have a return policy for perishable items? 

Bundled: Send a thoughtful, gender agnostic bundle for the new baby, without ruining Sunday Funday, coming out on the other end the HERO. Not a mail service expert? Don’t worry, fast and free, leave that to us.

I know if feels like your options are limited, how wasting the effort it already took you to get ready, drive to your local Target, to potentially unload a small family from your new Honda Civic (because you refuse to admit you’ve graduated to NEEDED a full-size SUV) and waddle the bulky red carts down the maze of “I’ll use this one day, I must try this ASAP and can’t continue life as we know it without this going home with me” - think twice. Shop Small. Shop Thoughtful. Shop Bundled.

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