Happiness Is...

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We are thrilled to share this passion project with you. As a team, we are always looking for ways to grow our mission and this book was no exception. With the artwork of 13 artists who choose not to be defined by their disability, we have created a children’s book that promotes diversity & acceptance. Happiness is... is a vibrant & colorful book for children about discovering what makes you happy and doing more of it.

A little reminder

We wrote this book with our children in mind and the goal of wanting them to always know that...

- follow what makes you feel happy, not what others are doing.

- find more ways to make those around you feel happy.

- choose to include & accept others for who they are.

- and just be kind... it makes the world a better place.

We appreciate you being here ♥️ Always remember... do more of what makes you happy!

Courtney & Chelsea

Shout out to:
Kimberly Mortson, Small Moments
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